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The True North of Information Management

Norstar Corporation is a database manager.  We compile or receive our clients' data and produce data output in a variety of formats to accomplish specific business objectives.  Each client's project is unique and their database program is designed to provide a customized information service.  For example, one magazine customer's program involves Norstar acquiring subscriptions and producing statistical data for use by the client's marketing staff.  Another client has us receive their customer inquiries by telephone, key the input and produce output data for the fulfillment phase of their sales program.  Still another client has Norstar handle their data entry overflow when incoming orders are too large to handle internally.  Yet another client with a fund raising program immediately improved their cash flow by using Norstar's abilities to manage multiple campaign efforts seamlessly.  Each client's needs are special and unique -- and Norstar's services are also special and unique to each application.

If your business were to list its assets, would you be surprised to see your database among them? Your key prospects and customers, and everything you know about them, are among your most valuable assets. Equally important is cumulative data on product or service characteristics which enable you to analyze performance results.

Although financial people regularly measure cash flow, accounts receivable and inventories, rarely does anyone measure how effectively key knowledge contributes to the bottom line through the best possible use of database information.

Your data, put to work to improve your organizationís competitiveness, can turn an underutilized resource into an even more valuable asset.

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