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Norstar:  Your partner in circulation management

Acquisition and maintenance
Norstar staff members work closely with your circulation policy officer to develop a flexible database to accommodate all possible information requirements for your circulation.  The database is infinitely flexible to insure easy modification when you need more information detailing your readers’ demographics or for special, targeted marketing projects.

Norstar works with your staff or printer to insure appropriate size and distribution of your print order for each issue.  We provide electronic data to your fulfillment house on a timely basis to insure that your magazine reaches your readers properly.

Sales and marketing data
By using the information contained in a carefully constructed database, Norstar can provide key circulation statistics to your sales staff or research firm.  Our staff meticulously tracks a wide variety of recipient information such as:

Demographic Information
Industry or Professional Characteristics
Purchasing Decisions
Educational Background
Enrollment and Renewal Dates

Association Membership
Subscription Source or Type(s)
Paid or Non-Paid Recipient
Amount/Date Paid
Special Marketing Program Statistics

Information using any combination(s) of the database elements can be retrieved quickly and easily to produce periodic or one-time reports and analyses.  Data can be portrayed in a variety of formats depending upon your needs, including charts and graphs.

Audit Management
Our circulation team works together with you to prepare for and participate in reviews conducted by your audit agency.

Norstar develops and maintains all data necessary for the preparation of each Publisher’s Statement along with its detailed supporting documentation.  Our staff prepares the galleys for each issue being audited and follows your audit agency requirements regarding the selection of circulation documents.

Norstar develops the data, consolidates and presents the documentation, and participates fully in each audit insuring that every issue is consistent with the Publisher’s Statement(s) and complies with all audit requirements for each auditing firm.

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