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The Norstar team has been helping companies manage business information since 1985.  Our initial work included mailing list management, lead and promotion fulfillment, and other custom applications.  These early installations convinced us of the power of using our business skills with database technology to creatively manage marketing information.

Promotion Fulfillment
For a transportation company, we provided a concise data sheet for each customer and sales lead resulting in an effective database for their promotional mailings which we sent out on a regular schedule.

Circulation Management
By restructuring a magazine publisher’s circulation and distribution database, we were able to help them increase circulation from one to three magazines, without a proportionate increase in costs.
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Data Integration
The large advertising research company that was receiving incoming data from different sources in several formats now receives one comprehensive easy-to-read report from Norstar for analysis -- we developed a universal translation format to consolidate the diverse incoming data.

List Management
Product returns, storage charges and shipping costs were a problem for a national distributor.  By purging their list of duplicates, inaccurate addresses, order discrepancies and tightening entry criteria we were able to reduce their returned and nondeliverable items by 90%, substantially reducing their costs.

The Partner Who Grows With You

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