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Nearly all firms keep basic customer data such as company and contact name, street and e-mail address, phone and fax number.  Data that usually grows in unplanned ways, and falls into disrepair.  Data thatís never quite useful for that key customer mailing, new circulation offer, or timely sales campaign.  In short, data that has clearly lost its marketing edge.

Thatís where Norstar can help.  We analyze your needs, then plan and manage your marketing data to produce results.  We build databases, conduct mailings, handle inquiries, fulfill leads, and even manage magazine circulation, all with one objective -- to leverage your marketing effort.  Norstar experts go beyond the database.

Our database expertise is the foundation.  However, our skills include project and financial management, training and education, marketing and sales, even telemarketing.  And weíre accurate, timely, and cost conscious.  The results -- your data, plus our support, give you that marketing edge.  An edge we hone constantly, to keep you closer to your customers.  An edge that helps you win business, gain market share, and boost profit margins.

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